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Father’s Day Gift Guide

— by Tempur-Pedic on May 26, 2023

The roles and responsibilities of the job title "Dad" seem to evolve continuously. Whether rushing to make it to the big game, helping with homework, or serving as the family's grill master, our dads have our backs. This year, we encourage you to give the father figures in your life the gift they truly need – comfort (and a nap). Celebrate Father's Day by showing all the hard-working dads they're appreciated with a gift from Tempur-Pedic®!

Man and child on a Luxebreeze mattress in a decorated room

Support Them Through Their Workday

Whether they’re working from the office or the comfort of their couch, dads could always use a little support. Our Seat and Lumbar Support Cushions are the perfect addition to any office setting. With unmatched Tempur-Pedic® comfort, they're the ideal motivator to get dad through the busiest days.

What about dads who travel for work? Our Travel Collection is packed with perfect gifts for jet-setting business dads who need to take every minute they have to rest – whether that’s in bed or on an airplane. The Travel Pillow is the perfect option for comfort while sitting upright, and the Sleep Mask is just what they need to reset and refresh their minds during their workday breaks.

Support Them Through Their Restful Nights

Fathers are busy people who need as much support in return as they give. Our Tempur-Pedic® pillow collection offers comfort and support for every kind of sleeper. A bestseller, the TEMPUR-Cloud® Adjustable Pillow allows for maximum customization and comfort – providing the option to add or remove the shredded TEMPUR® fill to achieve an ideal comfort level.

Support Them Through Stressful Times

Many adults struggle with work-life balance, resulting in stress and long nights – but you can help your dad relax with our Weighted Blanket. Recent studies have shown that using a weighted blanket may help reduce certain symptoms of anxiety, such as increased heart rate and insomnia. Every great dad deserves stress-free sleep every night.

Support Them Through Their Dreams

Rejuvenating sleep is essential for physical and mental health, and you can help your dad improve his sleep quality with our Smart Bases powered by Sleeptracker-AI®. With sensors exclusively built into our TEMPUR-Ergo® Smart Base and our most advanced TEMPUR-Ergo® ProSmart® Base, you can now monitor your sleep in an easy-to-use app for iPhone and Android users. Perfect for techy dads, there's nothing to wear or do before bed– simply lie down and rest easy. The sensors track snoring, heart rate, REM cycles, deep sleep, and much more to help dads take their sleep to the next level. In the morning, the app provides a sleep report with an overall rating, feedback, and tips for improving sleep quality over time.

Give your dad the ultimate gift this Father’s Day – life-changing sleep. After all, they deserve it.

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